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The Richard Mille Replica Watches Memovox is the reason for the creation of the Polaris. The first Memovox, which translates to "the voice for memory," was introduced in 1950. It featured an alarm feature that was highly sought after due to its usefulness. The calibre 489 in the watch featured a striking alarm that could be set to sound at any time during the day.Rolex Replica Watches It sounded like an old-school phone gently ringing on the wrist. Richard Mille Replica Watches took it a step further and found creative ways to integrate this feature into other watches. In 1959, they cleverly placed the calibre in a water-resistant watch so that divers could rely upon the alarm rather than having to constantly check the bezel of their watches underwater.

The Memovox Polaris was launched in 1968. It featured an internal rotating bezel with an alarm, and a triple layer case back for improved sound transmission. The Polaris, which is a part of Richard Mille Replica Watches's diving watch heritage and draws on more than a hundred years of expertise in chiming timepieces, has become one of its most important watches.

Memovox Polaris 1968 was an extremely rare watch, with only 1,714 copies produced.

In 2018, The Polaris was launched as a new collection.

Richard Mille Replica Watches re-released the Polaris collection in 2018 to celebrate its 50th Anniversary. It was the missing sports watch from the Richard Mille Replica Watches range.Bell & Ross Replica Watches The Memovox had been reissued before 2018, but this new Polaris collection was a departure for the maison. The collection was brand new, and a tribute to an iconic classic.

There were several models in the 2018 lineup, including the Polaris Automatic and Polaris Chronograph WT, as well as the Polaris Memovox, which stayed closest to the original 1968 model.

If you remember, Jaeger-LeCoultre launched a limited edition Polaris Date in blue with a dial gradiented twice. This was inspired by the 1970s Polaris II which was only produced between 1970 and 1972. Only 800 Polaris Dates were produced in the limited edition blue. However, we still remember that stunning shade of blue. The blue gradient dial will be making its third appearance.

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